For food stall, restaurant, central kitchen, food court and other retail food establishments, dish washing is a crucial part of your operations. Serving food on a dirty-looking plate is not only unappetising, it is downright unhygienic. Hygiene and sanitation is not just limited to dishwashing; this also concerns the cleaning of the utensils and pots which are used to cook the food. Proper dishwashing eliminates germs, improves appetite of dinners and removes detergent residue on tableware.

During the tender process, we liaise with our customers to understand their needs and requirements. We also survey the worksite to understand the work process and the manpower required to perform our stewarding services before we prepare our proposal which sets out the work scope, for our customers’ acceptance.

We also liaise with our customers to vary the number of employees deployed during on-peak and off-peak seasons as part of our efforts to help our customers achieve cost savings without compromising the quality of our solutions and services provided.

As a value added service, we also provide loss and breakage indemnification of our customers’ crockery in excess of the breakage allowance set out in our service contracts, and provides chemical control services to reduce the chemical consumption of our customers.