We have developed a quality assurance program known as “Inspect what you Expect”.

Site visits

Prior to entering into a service contract with our customers, we conduct site visits to determine the scope of services we are able to offer.

Selection of sub-contractors

Our sub-contractors are selected based on, amongst others, experience, expertise, service quality and past performance. We conduct briefings for our sub-contractors prior to starting work to ensure that they are aware of our work restrictions and their job scope.

Regular Inspections

After the commencement of our contract, our operation managers conduct regular walk-through inspections of facilities to ensure that our employees perform their duties with care and diligence and adhere to our standards. Inspections are documented to ensure that we focus on areas which we believe need to be improved. We also encourage our employees to highlight areas which can improve our work processes, and conduct regular surveys with our customers for regular updates on the services and solutions provided.

Weekly progress meetings

Our management team conducts weekly progress meetings with our operations managers to ensure that our customers’ feedback and complaints are dealt with promptly.

Thorough Inspection Process

Just as efficiency is the key to cost reduction, inspection is the key to maintaining high-quality maintenance cleaning services. Inspections are frequently done to ensure work is consistently performed at the highest level possible. Documenting inspections enables us to uncover areas in need of improvement that might not be otherwise discovered. Regular reporting on preventive maintenance can save your money on costly repairs and keep your systems running efficiently.

Investment in Technologies, Machineries and Back Office Systems

At First Stewards, we believe in investing in the latest technologies, machineries and back office systems to enable us to deliver better result, and to stay ahead of the competition. With efficient systems and infrastructures in place, we are better able to render higher service quality to our customers with more effective and efficient solutions.